Wednesday, April 05, 2006

quality export

Sad but true as well as providential: the country has its own citizens as its primary export. It is pitiful that the present Administration to this time has nothing to show as any real accomplishment other than making millions of Filipinos precisely leave the country to make their living abroad. The Administration has not come up with any resource to reap economic benefits from other than receiving the multi-billion remittances from overseas Filipino workers.

The avid admirers and close followers of the Administration practically hate the population such that they want to “control” it in number. Yet, it is from this population that the government exacts all conceivable direct and indirect taxes. And it is also a relatively big portion of the same population working abroad that keeps the country financially afloat.

To these times, the government looks down at population basically in terms of mouths to feed. The truth, however, is that population is wealth if their governance were beneficial to the citizens and not exploitative of them, honest to them and not deceptive of them. That population is wealth stands precisely well proven by the reality of the OFWs as the country’s manpower export.

It is not a secret that the Philippines is rich in able professionals, educated individuals, dedicated workers. The truth is that there is still a big demand for Filipino labor abroad. The fact, too, is that there are Filipinos abroad who are employed from the humble to the high level of the hierarchy of work.

There are lowly but dignified domestics. There are good and honest entertainers. There are able and industrious workers. There are respected administrators and managers. Even the White House is said to be proud of its Filipino employees.

It is not a secret that the Philippines has many liabilities not only in terms of poor governance but especially so in form of decadence in public morality. That is why there is much dissent among many sections of society, there is restiveness even in certain institutions.

But the country takes pride of its quality export: Filipino overseas workers!

5 April 2006