Friday, April 28, 2006

long dry spell

The composite socio-political situation obtaining in the country means one over-all bad news: The people are in for a long dry spell in terms more poverty and less resources, more dissent and less peace, more criminality and less order.

Only the following are spared from the pervasive national suffering brought about by the said societal liabilities: those in power and influence together with their close allies. Their word is law, their law serves them well. Hence they will hold on to the office of power and position of influence no matter the cost. Nobody and nothing are spared to keep the present status quo.

The rest that is the big majority will just have to grin and bear it, to wait for better times or to take matters into their own hands which could be an undesirable option when they feel that oppressed and become that desperate. The saying that it is people who map and make their own destiny is not a merely poetic expression. No less than twice have they already done this in their own country.

There is a big distrust and disrespect for the national leadership to the extent that it has become a focus of practically innumerable text jokes nationwide. The ever-increasing costs of basic commodities and the ever-decreasing purchasing power of peso. The continuing protests rallies and marches. The multiplying anti-government organizations and associations. The still existent restiveness even in the armed forces. All these are contributory factors to the long dry spell now and ahead in the country.

Would that the above were but altogether false perceptions and mere pronouncements from a prophecy of doom. Would that the country were truly socially stable and economically promising. Would that the national leadership were much loved, greatly admired, unconditionally followed.

To many thinking people, however, the opposite is true. And the reason is simple: the standing and emerging facts in the country say so. These are disorienting, disturbing and discouraging. The quest for good news in the country is both fervent and insistent. But there seems to be none as yet.

28 April 2006