Monday, April 17, 2006

greed, avarice, covetousness

National trimedia is loaded with proud and loud with advertisements praising gambling to high heavens. They shout with delight the many charitable works gambling does for the poor. They repeat without end the worthy projects gambling has for the country. Never mind if there is deafening silence where the real big bulk of gambling returns to. If one were to believe how good and how great gambling is, it would be easy to present the government gambling promoters and protectors as strong candidates for sainthood.

These government gambling operators are so kind and considerate that they leave no sector of society without the many facilities to gamble, nor without the many different forms of gambling for a variety of choice. Hence, there is PAGCOR for the rich, lotto for the middle class and STL for the poor. Furthermore, the Executive Branch of the government even long since plays blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to illegal gambling. That is why, while well known and even infamous, not a single illegal gambling lord has been accosted, accused, much less put to jail.

One can only wonder how come even a supposedly god-anointed leader and wherefore the best person to govern the country does not see that gambling remains a vice no matter how old it is. One can simply marvel why the highly intelligent and wise Executive Branch of government does not understand that gambling operators as well as gamblers are all nurtured by greed, avarice and covetousness.

To covet what belongs to others, to look with greed at the money of others, to covet what others have—this is the triple operative driving force behind those providing gambling and those patronizing this. While toil and industry mean sweating it out to have some money, gambling and indolence is getting the money of others without working and sweating.

It is a big joke for government promoters to even but claim moral ascendancy. Not only formally legitimizing gambling but also publicly enticing people to gamble can be anything but ethical and honorable. It is vain for the government to argue that gambling is a normal venture in other countries. By this vacuous claim, the government conveniently forgets how poor majority of Filipinos are. In countries where gambling is done as a matter of course, their people, like their nation, are rich and have much personal reserves not to mention their much family resources and sufficient welfare benefits.

And the Philippines: Quo vadis?

17 April 2006