Wednesday, April 12, 2006

easter message 2006

Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again.” (Eucharistic Celebration: Proclamation of the Mystery of Faith.)

My dear brothers and sisters, my dear young people:

It is with particular urgency that I send to you my Easter message during these trying times in our dear country. We are all witness to poverty, discontent and division that have come to afflict as much in our day to day living.

What is more distressing is that there are some people who lose faith in our country and therefore migrate instead to foreign lands. There are also some of us who seem to be losing hope for a better future. In fact there are now more and more individuals who prefer to take their own lives out of desperation.

These are neither good nor promising times for all of us common people. Only few individuals holding power and wielding influence, having much wealth and resources appear to be happy and contended, notwithstanding the present pitiful over-all social condition in urban as well as rural areas, nationwide.

It is with this sad and saddening socio-ethical backdrop that we are observing the Easter season. Its message is rather inspiring and encouraging. Yes, Christ died. But yes too, Christ has risen. More, Christ will come again.

Yes, we are suffering. So did Christ. But surely, we too will have better times. So did Christ when he rose from the dead. More: Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. This infallible truth is a firm and strong warning to all those who lie, cheat and steal as if they were exempted from the judgment of Christ sooner or later.

As for us common people, with Christ we die practically everyday with our daily trials and difficulties. Yet, we too like Christ will eventually manage to rise from all our many hurts and fears. And with much pleasure and anticipation, we await the liberating second coming of Christ.

Do have a very happy Easter!

Easter Sunday 2006