Friday, April 28, 2006


Without reference to the hereafter and beyond, there is much to be desired in the here and now of the Philippines. This is neither indulging in fantasy nor going into day dreaming. It is rather but in consideration of the many interlacing socio-ethical drawbacks obtaining in the country today that adversely impact on the national psyche.

It is within the realm of reality to bring to fore even but three urgent desirable national agenda. In the event that these desiderata become living data, then the Filipinos would regain their rightful pride in themselves as well as in the world community of nations.

A trustworthy and respectable national leadership:

The trust and respect of the citizenry are a composite factor that makes national leaders more persuasive and effective. In having their plans, programs and projects duly accepted and accordingly implemented. Needless to say, said confidence and deference are earned, not simply claimed.

A credible and palpable national economic progress:

Words and realities should go hand in hand, any and all official pronouncements on national economic gains and the pursuant country-wide development must find proof in the empirical life of the nationals. Oral assurances and predictions are only as good as they eventually become actualities—the faster the better.

A dependable and acceptable national electoral process:

Even poor and humble people have the ability and competence to elect good and honest leaders. Their only requirement is for them to be assured by likewise good and honest process in the election of their local and national executives. A vote is only as valuable as it is duly counted in favor of the candidate really voted on.

If and when the above three desiderata would become actualities in due time, the people can still hope for better times, the country can still look forward to a brighter future. Otherwise, the nation as a whole would be one big dark and dead uncounted reality.

29 April 2006