Sunday, April 09, 2006

courting chaos

The Socio-Political situation in the country is already boiling hot. More and more anti-administration organizations and movements are being formed. There are also many counter administration moves being actually staged or still undergoing some planning. The future is not promising for MalacaƱang and its known allies, no matter what happy songs they sing or big smile they sport.

There are progressively more citizens unsatisfied and whereof alienated by the present government survey after survey by different entities come up with the same substantive conclusion: they want to change especially in the one holding the highest office in the land. The times are anything but pleasant endearing to the occupant of the presidential office inspite of encouraging and soothing voices from its admirers and supporters.

But it seems that all the many deep troubles, big problems and complex predicaments on the lap of the administration are not enough. It is still apparently intent in bringing about a huge socio-political chaos—by promoting the so-called “People’s Initiative” to amend the fundamental law of the land in order to have a Charter Change, notwithstanding any and all arguments to the contrary.

If ever such a dubious initiative were successful and in the event that the questionable charter change become a reality, one thing become rather certain and certifiable: the country would undergo one big socio-political upheaval—which is neither welcome, must less amusing.
Reason: The opposition and the many institutions, organizations and movements having the same sentiments—plus all their followers and sympathizers who are not exactly feeble in voice nor indecisive in option—would not take such an initiative and change lying down. If they are now already inflamed by the many charges and different accusations against the administration, it could be well expected that they would be the more incensed by the actuality of a change in the charter of the nation—for dubious reason.

The above is neither a threat much less a condemnation of the opted over-all plan and particular projects of the present administration to keep itself in power and might. It is a plain and simple warning what the same administration better not pursue in doing because it might precisely shell its own undoing.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
7 April 2006