Monday, April 03, 2006


The reality of control appears to be the in-thing for the Administration during these trying times. The rather sad thing about control when applied to people is that people become more uncontrollable and this is something natural and wherefore expected. Reason: freedom and humanity go hand-in-hand. To be free is to be human. That is why downright control of human persons is nothing less than their dehumanization.

In the country today there seems to be three primary controls the Administration has been slowly but surely putting in place. These controlling factors may not be openly said, much less officially admitted. But they are in place. There are felt, they are noted. These controlling realities apparently being actualized and promoted by the Administration primarily consists of: One, power control; Two, law control; Three, eventual people control.

To have and continue holding on to power at all costs, to wield and go on wielding power notwithstanding all arguments to the contrary—this is power control, everyone is used and anything is instrumentalized to keep power, to make this more forceful and even fearful ultimately means power control. It will stop neither for anyone nor for anything. This image is well captured by a speeding train that is intended to run over anybody and anything in its way.

To choose what law to apply and what law to disregard, to understand and interpret the law according to what is convenient and advantageous—this is law control. One who controls the law becomes the judge and the jury at the same time and for all legality cases. Laws that are useful to have are implemented. Otherwise, they are simply discarded. This reality is well reflected by CPR, EO 464, PP 1017 to mention a few signal examples.

To use people, especially the poor, and the helpless eventually for its own advantage and in furtherance of its interests, to buy or pay for the affirmation of people by giving them goods in kind or in cash which after all come from them, to use violence and threats against those who refuse to be cowed into silence, this is people control. This is exemplified by the on-going government’s initiative to change the fundamental law of the land.

Would that all the above perceptions were all but products of imagination!

3 April 2006