Friday, March 10, 2006

wanted: nationalist leaders

Nationalists are persons who have God and country first in their value system, who have the observance of the commandments of the Lord and the promotion of the good of their fellow-nationals as priority agenda. These individuals have been going and might be eventually gone. They have been becoming less and less. And there might be finally none.

Love of God and service of neighbor go hand in hand as one is a necessary accompaniment of the other. To love God without serving one’s neighbor is a contradiction because the latter is the reflection of the former. To serve one’s neighbor without loving God is suspect agenda because its usual premise is self-love eventually leading to self-service.

The emergence of nationalists has become an imperative for the Philippines. The country has no greater need these times than to have them to hold the helm of national leadership. And the more they are, the better it is for this nation that is now reeling from big oppression and great depression

There is much dissent, discontent and disillusionment among the Filipinos these times for one fundamental reason: most of their leaders in government are precisely in love with power and might, not with God. They are preoccupied with serving themselves, relatives and friends, not their neighbors. They are subservient to foreign interests and concerns over and above local considerations and national welfare.

This kind of leaders can be qualified as anything but nationalists. And these are exactly the leaders who have slowly but surely led the country where it is now—in a deep and wide socio-political and economic quagmire. Filipinos need these anti-nationalist leaders as much as they need holes in their heads. The faster these egoistic and selfish leaders are gone, the better for the country.

And the faster nationalist leaders come to the rescue, the more propitious it is for the Filipinos. There must be and there are Filipinos who qualify for actual and potential nationalist leadership in the country of some 83 million population. The question is to identify them, group them as one socio-moral nationalist force, and see to it that they continue or begin to hold leadership positions in the country.

More than merely changing leaders in the country, the most basic need is having the right leaders for the country—leaders who are Pro-God and Pro-Filipinos.


10 MARCH 2006