Monday, March 20, 2006

unimpressed and unafraid

The fact that majority of the ordinary citizens has given a rather low approval rating of the highest office holder in the land, already says a mouthful. And the added fact they would want her to resign even without certainty of the times thereafter, is saying very much more.

This means that many are unimpressed with her claim of the best in leadership plus the “direct intervention of God” for her occupancy of the office. This further means that neither are they impressed with the many claims of achievement in many national concerns—the economy in particular.

This also means that by and large, they are unafraid of the many offensive moves of the present administration against many of them. They neither honor nor accept the CPR. They likewise neither respect nor fear PD 1017. That is why protest rallies and marches go on. That is why media still speaks, publishes and shows what it seems proper and appropriate. That is why even those who really know say that there are still restive members of the AFP which is one big bad news both here and abroad.

All these social dissatisfaction and unrest must have a root cause, and many—the CBCP included—have already repeatedly said it loud and clear: the truth about the 2004 National Elections is not yet known. So the search for it continues, so the dissent of many continues as well.

One wonders why the MalacaƱang occupant was not allowed to have her day in court, so to speak. And of all people, it was her own avid supporters who prevented her from having that singular opportunity. That is why there is still a clamor for the truth to emerge—the truth about her legitimate or illegitimate tenure of office.

It is said, and rightly so, that truth knows no party. In fact, no one is above it—not even churchmen. In effect, all citizens are entitled to know it—the nuns, priests and bishops included who are also citizens in their own right.

It seems that there will be another attempt by Congress to find the truth about the persisting issue of the 2004 National Elections. Would that this—and possibly the last—occasion for the truth to be out be successful. This is the only way its real and permanent closure could be made.

20 March 2006