Tuesday, March 21, 2006

transcript of interview with OVCRUZ on M. ZUCE

Question: What can you say about Mr. Zuce now said to be working for the government instead of your crusade?

OVC: He was not really a part of the Anti-Jueteng Crusade. He was brought to the Senate by Atty. Vinzons-Chato directly to testify how jueteng money was used for the 2004 National Elections as an eye-witness.

Question: But how do you feel about this recent development?

OVC: I understand him. He said that he was no longer supported by those who “used” him. It is always more convenient to side with those in power and influence.

Question: Do you mean it is OK for you what he did?

OVC: No, it’s not OK for me but neither is it OK for him. He might be perceived as someone without principle, as having been bought, as one less possible witness in the forthcoming impeachment in case jueteng II is made a cause.

Question: But it is said that he joined the government on his own and that he maintained the truth about his testimony in the Senate.

OVC: Honest, I find it hard to believe that he moved on his own. The present Administration is not unknown for buying fidelities and paying for favors. As to his Senate testimony, if called to testify in the forthcoming impeachment, again, I would not know that he would say if he appeared at all.

Question: Why do you find it hard to believe that he was not a volunteer?

OVC: So many offers of money and so many threats were also received by Boy Mayor but he remains firm. He is part of the Anti-Jueteng Crusade.

Question: Have you heard that he will be working for STL and against Jueteng?

OVC: Working for STL, that is his choice. But working against Jueteng, he does not know the “what” and the “how” of this insidious gambling. But he can study it if he wishes to.

Question: Do you have any objection against STL?

OVC: Yes, it is a cover-up for jueteng. Financiers, operators, collectors are the same. STL cannot stand on its own. It has to have jueteng as a back-up. So now the poor will be exploited by two gambling forms.

March 21, 2006