Thursday, March 09, 2006

personal opinion

One’s opinion about self is personal. One has all the right to believe, express and even defend it. It has to be respected in deference to the person thinking about self, looking at self and making a self-rating. This is the premise of the saying that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

This is relevant to the present Malacañang occupant with no less than a triple heavenly claim. God told her to run for the office although god before said too not to do so. A Pope, a man of God, endorsed her candidacy although he has gone to a better life then. God’s plan is the basis of her tenure of office. No wonder that there is rather loud claim that she is the best person to lead the country.

One’s personal opinion however no matter how strongly convinced the person sounds, is not immune to a contrary opinion of other persons. This is the nature of personal opinions. They are open to the contrary personal perceptions of others as well as to contrary objective realities.

That is why while there can be many who concur with the personal opinion of the holder of the presidential office, there is also a good number of people who vehemently disagree usually on the basis of the pitiful situation and circumstances obtaining in the country.

Not few painful brandings have been appended to the Philippines during her watch. The nation is said to be number one in corruption. It is said that it is second in ranking in the exploitation of women and children. Lately, it is claimed as the haven of illegal drugs.

This is not to mention the millions of Filipinos who are suffering from poverty and its consequent criminality. There are millions too who leave the country to find work in foreign lands. There are many who go to the streets, stage protest marches and rallies against the present administration. There are one too many accusations of lying, cheating and stealing in the air.

One wonders if the above personal opinion could stand the significance and implications of the said contrary national situation and circumstances. Could God be so cruel to the Filipinos who are by and large a religious people?

9 March 2006