Tuesday, March 14, 2006

jueteng comeback

Up to this date, the present administration with all its National Police force does not seem to get it yet. All the Senate hearings on jueteng, all continuous tri-media news items on jueteng, all the nationally well-known and named gambling lords notwithstanding, jueteng has been making a fast comeback in Luzon and the Visayas.

This is not to deny that there are token arrests here and there and far between. The fact however staring at the faces of those who watch and know is undeniable as well. Under the guise of EZ2, Bogus STL or plain bookies, jueteng is once again extending its exploitative and deceptive tentacles in the country. Those who should know, act ignorant. Those who should see, pretend to be blind.

The reasons for the jueteng comeback are basically three: One, the present Administration is not serious in eradicating it. Two, that is why the jueteng lords remain untouchable up to now. Three, jueteng brings in illegal millions for illegal payoffs for legal purposes.

Why is the present Administration not really serious about doing away with jueteng? Why are the jueteng lords still merrily plying their trade? Why are illegal millions made and given out as payolas? The many and long senate hearings on jueteng clearly and repeatedly answered all these questions. The answers to these questions form the substance of the infamous “juetengate II”

Not only has the name of God been invoked more than once to drive a much disputed claim. Not only was the best person to lead the country invoked in answer to many dissenting voices and suffering people. Even the forceful CPR and fearful 1017 were put in place. But jueteng is more powerful.

Hence, wonder of all wonders, jueteng is on again. Its victims are the same, the exploiters are the same, the big beneficiaries are the same. What’s new?

14 March 2006