Tuesday, March 21, 2006

devious expertise

The present Administration appears to have become a devious expert in sucking in the money of people. First, there is bigger taxation from birth to death. Second there is more gambling for the elite, for the middle class and the poor in particular. But the worst of all these is that the public do not know where the public funds go—except hear one scandalous government spending after another before and after the 2004 elections.

This is the twisted MalacaƱang philosophy: if you have much money, gamble and probably lose it all to PAGCOR. If you have no money indulge in “legal” and illegal gambling and possibly win by chance no matter how slim this is. If you have no job, be a gambling collector because gambling is now work—not sweat nor toil.

The government has not two gambling arms—the left and the right: PAGCOR and PCSO. There is PAGCOR with all conceivable gambling machines and gimmicks. There is PCSO with lotto and EZ2—plus Small Town Lottery (STL).

The Administration has been heaping praises and saying many nice sounding allegations about STL. But on purpose, it does not say quite intriguing and dismaying realities about this added PCSO gambling alternative.

One: STL is run by the same jueteng lords under dummy personalities or corporations, using the same jueteng administrators and collectors.

Two: STL is the cover up for jueteng. The STL collectors with their IDs and betting records also carry their jueteng papelitos thus ready to get both STL and jueteng bets.

Three: STL and jueteng have exactly the same victims twice exploited, the poor, the same beneficiaries twice favored, certain local officials and police authorities, and the same gambling lords twice enriched.

With the coming 2007 elections, the present Administration as usual has to dance with gambling lords. These remain intact in number and wealth, in power and influence. They make their money really work for themselves and their allies—and how!

21 March 2006