Saturday, March 25, 2006

beware: STL on deck

There seems to be one bad news after another in the socio-ethical scenery of this country. More and more people are wanting even in bare necessities. More and more common tao and professionals are leaving for abroad. More and more are taking place. There are wherefore more and more protest rallies and marches.

The response, the present Administration appears simply to dig-in and wall itself in. This could be precisely the reason why the national leadership appears to be very much in need of money to fund its many self-serving agenda. This funding urgency is said to have acquired special relevance in view of the on-going feverish Chacha selling project plus the forthcoming 2007 elections.

Project Chacha has many grave implications as to the legitimation of the tenure of power plus the perpetuation of the hold on power. The projected 20097 elections on the other hand will spell a big difference as to how the present big political majority could become an even much bigger one. Needless to say, these agenda have not only social repercussions but also many serious questionable ethical implications.

Thus it is that no stones is left unturned in the feverish search for funds—no mater where, no matter how. And it is not the least surprising that recourse is taken to the already well proven multi-billion source of funds: gambling.

Presenting: Small Town Lottery (STL).

It uses the same jueteng structure from the financiers to the collectors. It has the same beneficiaries in the persons of certain known public officials and authorities. But most censurable of all, it exploits the same poor people and enriches the same already wealthy well known characters.

It uses jueteng as a back-up and has bookies as another sourcing. STL which pays no less than 55% from the local to the national identified target payees cannot survive without jueteng and bookies to boot. Jueteng pays only some 20% from its total take in favor of its protectors.

It has many legal niceties, intricate safeguards and provisions. This is just another big joke from the Administration. The standing truth is that the Executive Department is not known for implementing laws no matter how well crafted these are.

25 March 2006