Tuesday, February 21, 2006

unity in tragedy

Humanity is one, as one it is meant to be by the Almighty. The difference of race, color and creed should not divide it but instead promote the truth of unity in diversity. The fact is that every human person is lessened in worth and dignity when humanity discriminates against itself, especially so when it goes to war with itself.

There are many observations made about the Southern Leyte tragedy. There are people looking for individuals to blame. There are others forwarding excuses or making rustications. Many however are mourning, praying, waiting with anxiety and pain. And rightly so. There is time for everything—in abundance and want, in hope and fear, in life and death.

There is a special concern for the school children engulfed in the tragedy. They barely began living. They simply want to learn. They are innocent. They are playful. Yet they are victims. They musts have cried much. They must have suffered much as well.

But from the loss of many lives, houses and other material possessions comes the sterling reality that in big calamities, humanity is one in responding. There emerges the crystal clear lesson that people of the world become one in facing catastrophic times.

What a sobering thought, an endearing consolation, a precious recall! One humanity having one human nature, living in one world, calling upon one God!

From the dead, the living learns. From the deep and dirty mud emerges a pure and inspiring message. Massive suffering, extreme pain and untimely deaths know no frontiers. They readily unite people. They actually prove that the world is still one in sentiments and concerns.

Would that in due time, the Southern Leyte disaster transit to the recent past while leaving behind alive the priceless lesson that men, women and children the world over become united in facing big tragedies and challenges. And they become doubly stronger when they become one, think and act as one.

Unity in tragedy: this is both the message and mandate coming from Southern Leyte.

21 February 2006