Sunday, February 26, 2006

judgment call

From the moment they wake up in the morning until they close their eyes in the evening to sleep, people take options, make decisions, form judgements. When these happen to be right, then those making them are favored, together with those affected by their resolves. However when proven wrong, they have themselves to blame, with all those afflicted by their mistakes suffering as well.

The more individuals are aggrieved by said options, decisions or judgements, the more accountable are those who make them. This is true for spouses, community leaders, local officials and national leaders in particular. The way these persons look at their alternatives and make choices therefrom, cannot but affect their respective constituents for the better or the worst. These are blessed or cursed depending on how well or how bad are the judgement calls made by those heading them.

The content and extent of Proclamation 1017 depends much on the judgement call of the one holding the presidential office in the country. And this is the key consideration on how in order or out of order is making the proclamation, how beneficial or disastrous it is for the country as a whole –- young and old, rich and poor, educated and ignorant..

The truth of the matter is that Proclamation 1017 could eventually spell the undoing of the national future particularly in its political, economic and socio-ethical features. To concretize the same truth, it could in effect anger more and more people, make these more resentful and engage in more dissenting moves productive of more disorder and conflict. The composite possibility could ultimately bring down even the present holder of the presidential office. It would be possible that all could be eventually losers.

Even as of these days, there is a good number of thoughts that the proclamation is not altogether intended for its objective finality--
but rather for the personal self-preservation of those in power and influence. While such thinking could be wrong, it is there and it appears to be making a headway among the thinking and the impoverished people as well.

One wonders who are those happy for Presidential Proclamation 1070--
in conscience and in truth.

+O. V. Cruz, D.D.
26 February 2006