Saturday, February 25, 2006


The distressful event now fast unfolding in the country is a living proof that something is fundamentally wrong with out present national socio-political situation. There is no much resentment and disgust among the people. There is very strong suspicion and distrust towards the administration.

Those leading in national governance have not only failed to deliver its rosy socio-economic prediction but in fact impoverished more the population, instead of taking the high moral ground in its options and actions, it in fact opted to engage in many and different scandalous programs and projects.

As it engaged in grossly anomalous transactions one after another, the Administration has become not only evasive but also more oppressive. It thus incurred the ire and built the impatience of more and more people. And there are now government forces that seem to be siding with them in their search for justice and truth.

What is progressively taking place as a distressful and critical event is but an expression of the people initiative for change in the present dispensation. There is a limit to what they can forgive and forget, to how much they can be fooled, lied to and impoverished.

And now, payback time appears to have ultimately come. The citizens with the sympathetic public officials plus some government forces are again in the streets shouting loudly their many grievances against the government.

What is now taking place is not desirable but understandable, not welcome but expected. It is but a follow-through of what EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 did not accomplish—a more upright governance, a more trusted leadership.

Would that the present Administration still have the chance to reform itself, the opportunity do better for the country. But whatever be the ultimate result of this critical unfolding event, would that the people be ultimately the better for it—in the search for truth and quest for justice.

25 February 2006