Friday, February 17, 2006

courting danger

The present Administration is courting danger. It continues to sing the economic gains of the country while more and more people become hungry. It loudly boasts of a rosy vision for the nation yet more and more Filipinos leave the country for a better living abroad. There is either no work available her and now, or the available work is not worth taking.

There is even the greater danger that the present Administration is playing by pretending hard to be upright and sincere, dedicated and focused. Yet many people see it as wallowing in one scandal after another, deeply buried in hypocrisy and deceit. Yes, it is dedicated but simply for self-preservation. In holding on to power and influence, yes, it is focused but primarily in “transactional politics” to gain more supporters through devious favors promised to and received by scheming personalities.

The greatest danger the present Administration is toying with is the fast emerging exasperation of both the intelligentsia and the ordinary citizens. They are given no space to ventilate their many grievances. They find no government agencies to seek justice fast and sure. They face public institutions one way or another sadly damaged by political intrigues and intrusions.

No matter what it may think, all influence and defenses of the present Administration are no match to the power of truth. And the most relevant truth these days is, when driven to exasperation and disgust, even those formally committed to defend it might openly go against it. There is a limit to how many lies can be said. What big cheatings can be made, how much stealing can be done.

One thing is certain: if any national upheaval eventually comes, the Administration is simply asking for it. To allege that it is but a purely political move is delusion. To claim that it is simply an ideological plot is futile.

You do not reap what you have not sown. You machinate to grab power and this will be eventually taken away from you. You cheat, lie and steal to have what is not yours, and this will be finally returned to whom it rightfully belongs. This is the dictate of ethics, the logic of life.

17 February 2006