Monday, May 21, 2012

asking for it

She could have become the pride of the country by making the sacrifice of no longer aspiring for the presidency. She formally and loudly said so before, in order to unite the people. But she later broke her own word. She spared nothing and no one to win the 2004 national elections. No trick was not though of, no threat was spared for her to become president. She wanted to be the President, come what may, no matter what the cost.

Her election machinery was put into action; she appropriated and spent public funds unlimited to oil it. She made well chosen political kingpins work for her victory, she rendered the country broke. She divided the people. She used even gambling payolas to fund her lavish and feverish campaign.

She was proclaimed the President amidst many formal protests. She took the Oath of Office at the middle of the night. She thereafter paid well her political debts. She conveniently forgot her campaign promises. She impoverished the country not only financially but also morally. She also penalized the already poor people by imposing on these even more and higher taxes. Results: more poverty and less work. More expenses but less income. More corruption and less integrity. More scandals thus less morals.

She had all the chances to have a mistake corrected, the alternatives to make the truth replace a living lie. There were the several constitutional and para-constitutional means proposed for her to clear her name, to justify her tenure of office. All these however were all conveniently dismissed by devious ways and means.

She placed her personal interests over and above the national welfare. She spared neither effort nor influence to reinvent public institutions to suit her plans and wishes. It even went to the extent of deliberately having a government gambling corporation tasked “to take care of the bishops”.

Now, where has her big ego brought her? Where have all her patrons and defenders gone? What is now left for her to have and to hold? What will her future be? How will people remember her? How will history judge her?

And while the present dispensation is neither that stable nor desirable, still, it cannot be worse than her malevolent ego-reign and the ruin it bought upon the people and the country as a whole.

February 24, 2006