Saturday, January 14, 2006

moving on

Let’s move on!” Time and again this supplicant invitation is loudly extended by the present administration together with its professed supporters. It means people should now simply forget the grave issue of 2004 electoral fraud. It is now time for them to overlook the fundamental question of legitimacy addressed to the holder of the highest office in the land. It is but proper that they already overlook the serious matter of the technically quashed impeachable offenses such as cheating, lying and stealing.

Never mind the truth about such signal questions with national and even international implications. Set aside the imperative of justice and peace intimately linked with the same key issues. Let there be unity and harmony in the presence precisely of said much disuniting factors and very disturbing realities.

Moving on under such moral uncertainties and mortal predicaments is too convenient and too much to ask. Under such adverse socio-political circumstances, moving is for those who think practical but not ethical, who live not by principle but by what is comfortable.

What is revealing is that even the one claiming and holding the presidential office is becoming progressively more uncertain of her tenure. This squarely explains the three following nervous options: The no permit, no rally rule. The observance of Pre-emptive Calibrated Response. The Executive Order 464 gagging officials lest they tell the truth.

Recently, more official options have been added to further the said uncertainty and nervosity: Charter Change. No elections. Continuation of tenure of power.

The errant composite significance of the above factors is a big impediment for people to simply move on. By and large, they do not want to move on. They are not moving on. They want the truth. They demand justice. When truth is found and justice is done, then they shall move on—even without any invitation from anyone.

The country has a radical problem. The socio-political instability, the economic stagnancy, the extensive poverty, the intense dissent in the streets and similar factors are but problems caused and nurtured by an overall problem: the President.

12 January 2006