Wednesday, January 04, 2006

kblj report

The PNP National Director recently said that the country as a whole is jueteng free. This would have been great news for the Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng (KBLJ)—if it were true. With due respect to the sources of the director, the KBLJ is proud of its fact finding national structure. While it has not even a peso as intelligence fund, the movement has dependable volunteer data providers. The KBLJ thus submits the following more particularized report:

One: the days before the new year, jueteng operations were simultaneously held in districts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Camarines Sur—except in Naga. At the same time, it was estimated that there was jueteng in about 60% of Camarines Norte funded and supervised by local operators.

Two: by way of concrete example, yesterday saw no less than three jueteng draws in the third district of Camarines Sur. The winning numbers were 14/23 in the morning, 12/16 in the afternoon and 27/29 in the early evening.

Three: after the New Year however, jueteng made a gradual withdrawal from both Camarines Sur and Norte. But sad to say, this jueteng stoppage is not because of any change of heart of those involved. It is in proximate preparation for the entrance of the small town lottery (STL).

Four: unless the adjustment desired by its primary financing and operating personalities were accordingly met its projected official beneficiaries, the apportionment of “expenses” is thus envisioned: 10% for the Mayor. 10% for the Collector. 10% for PCSO. 3% for the Cabo. 2% for the Governor. 2% for the PNP.

Five: the STL is just another form of gambling that exploits the same poor victims who thus in effect funds everybody else in the STL hierarchy. It is said that if they had their way, the STL proposed in the country would have some kind of an operating triad, viz., a known big financer, a highly placed police officer and an identifiable Mayor.

The KBLJ wonders what the present administration has to say and will do about this information. To consider it as garbage would not be wise.

For the KBLJ +O.V.Cruz, DD
3 January 2006