Wednesday, January 11, 2006

hungry republic

The once vainly proclaimed “Strong Republic” has degenerated into a Gambling Republic. It has in fact even now deteriorated to a Hungry Republic. What is very strange is that while the peso has become strong, it has less buying power. There are lesser meals taken in the country. Hence, there is hunger among many people of this once happy and peaceful republic.

There are more taxes yet there are less public services rendered in the land. The composite national debt is much bigger but national development is meager if any. Those in power sing promising songs but the common tao hear distressing cries. As the Administration makes more and more elating promises and glowing predictions, people experience bigger despair and discontent.

Whatever happened to the glorious Ten-Point Agenda trumpeted in 2004 before the elections? Where became of all the glowing post-election SONA highlights? How come all the glory thereforth kept going and is now all gone?

Seen a rich country, yet the government is bankrupt and the people are now poorer. Considered as a paradise, both the professionals and simple workers however are leaving it behind. Called the “Pearl of the Orient”, there are nevertheless continuous travel warnings to foreigners to avoid seeing it. Time and again the Administration claims a fast growing economy, still it is but the OFW composite remittance that keeps the country afloat.

Something must be radically wrong neither with the country nor its people—but with their governance. There should be wrong persons holding key public offices in the land. The liability cannot be on the followers but there leaders. The ultimate victims of this pitiful phenomenon are the same—the people in general, the women and children in particular.

History teaches the empirical lesson that empty stomachs have no ears. A hungry republic cannot continue to stand. A hungry people will not suffer long and much. Promises do not remedy hunger. Simply big words do not fill even but a small stomach. The mere rhetoric of the Administration and the loud complimenting chorus of the its well clothed and much fed minions would not satisfy national hunger. Something somehow shall give in sometime.

11 January 2006