Friday, January 06, 2006


There must be something fundamentally skewed with gambling. The gamblers ultimately lose, inclusive of the proverbial shirt on their back. The gambling operators on the other hand infallibly win at the end of the day. This is a standing reality, a historical truth.

In fact, gamblers who on occasion might win, would certainly lose if they continue gambling. On the other hand, gambling operators who on certain days could lose for one reason or another would surely become winners if they simply continue operating gambling.

If it were otherwise, it would be an exercise in futility to explain how come both government and private gambling operators in this republic are like big fat cats with nine lives if not more. Come hell and high water, both the so-called “legal” and illegal gambling operators appear to be leeches that avidly stick to their victim gamblers and suck in what they have in cash and in kind.

PAGCOR with all its many and varied gambling alternatives in different casinos in strategic places, Lotto and bingo, EZ2 and Pick-2, jueteng and masiao, video carrera and fruit game, etc.—all these are perceived to be thriving sleazy ventures, all easily getting the money of the gullible and the poor, all enriching their operators and the latter’s influential and powerful beneficiaries, their protectors included.

And unless the present administration would overturn its manifest pro-gambling stance, there is still the additional forthcoming small town lottery (STL) as a gambling salute to the New Year. It is scheduled to be made operational this 15 January to exploit the poor more and make fools of the unwary—and enrich the already rich and famous.

It is said that PAGCOR will have a take (euphemism for “revenue”) of about if not more than 23 billion pesos this year. This more than five billion pesos every quarter. What a winner—always!

It is known that the illegal gambling lords have a composite take of conservative estimate of 60 to 80 million a day, depending on the season of the year. What winning—always!

6 January 2006