Monday, January 09, 2006


Evangelization is the fundamental mission of the Church. The mission mandates and commits the Church to proclaim the Gospel truths. The proclamation is focused on the good news of human salvation brought about by the life and teaching of Christ. The teaching is focused on the love of God and the love of neighbor.

Love of neighbor means to guide the wealthy and to help the poor, to advise the powerful and to assist the weak, to correct what is wrong and promote what is right, to counter vice and inculcate virtue.

Love of neighbor covers working not only for charity but also for justice, preaching not only for the forgiveness of sinners but also asking their repentance, looking not only for the eternal good of people but also for their temporal welfare here and now.

Love of neighbor includes not only praising the Lord but also caring for people, not only teaching piety and devotion but also engaging in social action and reform, not merely arranging novenas and processions but also censuring lies and deceit, searching for truth and working for peace.

Evangelization is not exactly a sacristy work, neither does it imply a comfortable and serene lifestyle, nor a simply pleasant and pleasing activity. Otherwise the first Evangelizer, Christ, would not have been denounced and tortured, crucified and killed even.

If the Church plays blind, deaf and dumb to fraud, graft and corruption, to violation of human rights and injustice, to socio-political immorality and demagoguery, such would be a mockery of evangelization, and insult to love of neighbor, a betrayal of her mission.

The Church should be the constant worry and big headache to those who play god and exploit people, who act as the owner of the country and the Lord of the citizens. They cannot to it for long, much less, for keeps. Reason: they are not and will never be!

Evangelization is not for those who love themselves but not their neighbors, who only see the beauty of heaven but overlook the dirt on earth.

Among others, let the present administration know, understand and remember what evangelization really is.

9 January 2006