Tuesday, January 10, 2006


The present administration has been called many things in many ways by many people. Time and again it is made the object of jokes and insults, the subject of suspicion and distrust. It is often labeled devious in its agenda and false in its claims.

There is one particular qualification it can readily claim as far as the less fortunate people in the country are concerned: it is disastrous—for allowing the poor to be exploited, the ignorant to be fooled, the helpless to be used.

This composite disaster can be readily proven by but one reality in the country: illegal gambling. Several tasks forces have been ostensibly created. Many counter moves have been already made. Numerous claims of success have been made once too often. But illegal gambling merrily goes on. Gambling lords continue to enjoy life. The poor become even poorer—missing their meals more and more.

The ever existent, always present and operative illegal gambling in the country is one of the best arguments that the present administration is a big disaster. As it cannot even stop illegal gambling, how could it stop graft and corruption, terrorism and smuggling, murders and massacres? As it cannot even touch any gambling lord, how could it really go after big drug lords and key crime lords?

The incumbent President together with all her intelligence funds, her many DILG officials and police officers all over the country cannot even stop illegal gambling. How on earth could she eradicate poverty and promote economic prosperity? How would she establish political stability, vanquish criminality and work for social peace?

Time and again the KBLJ—an anti-gambling national movement—has acted and asked the Administration to stop illegal gambling. But taking into account its incompetence coupled with unwillingness to do so, the government is now poised at legalizing it through the introduction of Small Town Lottery (STL) which is a jueteng cover-up. STL is financed and operated by the same syndicate of jueteng lords. It has the same target big-time beneficiaries. It exploits the same victims—the poor and the ignorant. It has funded local and national elections before. It can and shall do this again.

10 January 2006