Monday, January 16, 2006

danger signals

The President is much distrusted, resented and rejected. This pitiful perception of the President is in fact becoming more pronounced among more people in more places. One can only wonder what would happen next—after so much exasperation felt, so much disdain manifested.

Less work. Less money. Less food. More crimes, more violation of human rights. More exploitation of women and children. More taxes but less services. Big promises yet no deliveries. There is much resentment and restlessness in the land. People feel not only depressed but also repressed.

It is strange to think that the Constitution is the culprit for such a social retrogression. It is even more curious to seek the solution of such economic disaster in the proposed extension of the terms of the incumbent elected public officials. There appears to be something either simply delusional or truly devious in such a curious thinking process.

These intense and extensive societal liabilities and political gymnastics combined are all leading to the fast formation and ultimate explosion of a social volcano. It happened before in a certain way. It can happen again in another way. Would that it does not—even if only by way of wishful thinking.

The danger signal is up!

Would that the reality be otherwise. Would that the hungry and the sick could bear more, the empty handed and the jobless could wait longer. Would that thinking people and concerned persons would continue being patient. Would that capable and competent individuals could still bear saying and doing nothing.

The country is in big trouble. The people are suffering much. The present is very difficult, the future is far from promising.

It would take either super-human effort to reverse the pitiful national situation, or a first class miracle to behold a bright future. Mere repeated assurances made by the President and loudly echoed by her fewer and fewer followers will not do the trick—cannot cut.

Someone, somehow, sometime has to cave in.

16 January 2006