Tuesday, January 03, 2006

ConCom. ChaCha. ConAss

The Constitutional Commission has accomplished its task with complete obedience to its powerful author. The charter change is now envisioned to take place according to the re-planned schedule. The Constitutional Assembly is the much preferred means of assuring the fast and easy passage of the officially desired constitutional changes.

It is no secret that all the above agenda have but three commonly known complementary finalities. First is the effort to move on, sweeping under the rug all the dirty tricks in the 2004 national elections and many other financial public scandals during and thereafter comes the design to presume the legitimacy of the national leadership notwithstanding all strong arguments to the contrary. Lastly is the practical perpetuation of the addicting power presently held by the MalacaƱang occupant.

This is known and called “raildoing”. In fact, any and all the desired changes in the constitution can be readily done if they were but allowed to reach a plebiscite. Instead of knowing the sovereign will of the people, in this country the plebiscite makes known the corporate will of the trapos.

Anything and everything are all open options just to glue oneself to the seat of power and might. Never mind what justice demands, what truth says. The public defiance of many, their distrust and disdain, bring neither alarm nor fear. The killings of people, the cries of the poor, the pleadings of the prudent do not mean a thing.

One can just wander how long this distressed and distressing state of affairs could last. Something personal, structural and/or constitutional is bound to break and give in. The socio-political issue is such that there is very thick public tension in the air. There are so many possible scenarios.

And all these have one basic cause: Someone who in one occasion said she would not run for presidency as God told her, and who not long after decided to become president as God, changing his mind, told her too. Someone who was in as the president in the middle of the night. Someone who said she was sorry though not really.

+O.V. Cruz, D.D.
3 January 2006