Friday, January 20, 2006

bad driver/new car

The administration is a bad driver. It has driven the people to poverty and despair. It has led the nation to acquiring ignominious titles in graft and corruption, in the exploitation of women and children, in the violation of human rights. It has brought the country to political instability and economic danger.

Yet, the bad driver salivates for a new car. There is something sick in this mentation. The truth is that a bad driver should not even be allowed to drive—lest many lives and fortunes are sadly lost. A bad driver does not all of a sudden become good when simply given a new car.

This is applicable to the present administration dreaming of having a new constitution through all possible ways and available means. Never mind its dubious legitimacy. Forget its bad performance. Disregard its high disapproval rating. So what if it made many empty promises in the past. It now has another.

Its preposterous promise: with a new constitution, the old administration will necessarily do well. With the Cha-Cha, the present bad administration will automatically be a good one. This is betting on the magical, banking on the miraculous. Humanly speaking, this is fatal.

While the form of government is important, more important is the kind of persons heading the governance. A new constitution can only be as good as the integrity and competence of those governing the country. Even the best conceivable fundamental law for the nation is futile and inutile when those in government are anything but trustworthy, respectable and dependable.

The basic objection against a Cha-Cha is not because the present constitution has any claim to perfection. It is because the present administration has no claim to moral integrity, much less moral ascendancy.

This is why practically everything the administration wants and does, are subject to suspicion if not downright rejection. It has imprinted such a negative image in the mind of a good number of people that it is openly spurned, insulted, rejected.

The truth: a bad driver should not even have a car—much less a new car!

20 January 2006