Friday, December 09, 2005


Truth proven by lies!

Time and again truth has shown its ability of manifesting itself. Hide and cover it up, and it finds a way of showing itself. Those who want to disregard and refuse to admit it, ultimately find truth staring them at their faces. How strange that even those who try to bury it, the truth survives their mortal lives.

This is the paradox of our times. There were many questions unanswered, so many doubts entertained. Was there massive cheating in the 2004 national elections? Were votes padded or lessened by those precisely commissioned and trusted to count and record them well?

And after so many attempts and so much effort in finding out the truth, after so long a time in waiting, finally it has shown itself. The truth has ultimately come out in the open. And it took lies upon lies for truth to be known at last. What a strange way of knowing the truth!

The CBCP no less than twice called upon the people to continue their search for the truth about the reality or falsity of the presidential election. The search can now be considered finished. The country has long wanted a closure of the issue. That closure can now be said as done. Again: the truth is found. The closure is made.

Now, the next move belongs to the holder of the highest office of the land. Would that it be according to the constitution. Otherwise, there could be either an extra-constitutional or anti-constitutional event. And this would be much worst for her--
because she would be totally divested of the immunity attached to her official person by force and not according to her decision.

Lesser and lesser comes the respect of the citizens for the person of the president. Lower and lower is her approval rating. More and more ineffective leadership she exercises. Meantime poorer and poorer the people have become. And how much more should the people suffer by her tenacity to power.

Once again, according to the CBCP, resignation remains an option for the MalacaƱang occupant. And this appears to be the better option.

+O.V. Cruz, D.D.
09 December 2005