Thursday, December 01, 2005

testing the waters

The gambling lords are at it again. They re t4he same leeches that suck and feed on the already little blood of the poor. They adopt the same modus operandi of greed and deceit. And they still enjoy the same invisibility and immunity before the law.

Every Mang Pedro and Aling Petra know what their names are, where they reside, what they do. But those paid by people’s taxes to run after them and put them in jail for their flagrant illegal activities do not know who they are and where to find them. How strange! How interesting!

These infamous characters are now testing the waters. They were once “requested” to stop peddling their illegal numbers game. They did—for a time. They are at it again just in case they can get away with it as they did for a long time before.

The jueteng racket goes under the cover of “easy 2” or “pick-2”—courtesy of PCSO through “lotto”. There are usually three “bola” every day: two for jueteng proper and one for the para-lotto. They more jueteng draws are done daily, the more money goes to the lords—and the bigger payolas are credited in favor of their protectors and other beneficiaries.

In case the local officials and police authorities concerned are interested, they might want to check if the juetengeros are really trying to make a come back. Their pilot targets appear to be the provinces of Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Laguna, Quezon, Batangas and Bicol. The draws usually start in one barangay. Once proven tolerated or even protected, the draws are envisioned to crawl to more places like termites that eat everything on their way.

As to the Administration, it is admirable that this can readily stay executions. It can easily stop death penalties. But it seems incapable of stropping illegal gambling in the country. How perplexing but true!

Lest it be forgotten, the previous government was brought down by the allegation of juetengate I. The present Administration is still haunted by juetengate II. Jueteng in the country is definitely not a small issue.

1 December 2005