Monday, December 05, 2005


Time and again the call for the resignation of the President comes to fore. It is heard during repeated rallies and marches. It is said on the occasion of public gatherings and private conversations. And the call is usually accompanied by expressions of disgust and dissatisfaction.

With the resurgence of the Garci Tapes issue, the cry for her resignation will certainly be renewed—possibly even louder. And more than the person of the President, it is the fortune and the future of the whole nation that are placed on hold if not in jeopardy.

There is the saying that even when a liar tells the truth, nobody believes. This is unfair but still understandable. Once someone has already lost the trust of people, it is already a moral impossibility for the same to regain popular confidence.

This is exactly the case of the President and Mr. Garciliano. Right or wrong, a big number of the people have already made their judgment about their integrity and honesty. And the judgment is in no way flattering. It may be wrong but it is a perceived fact that would be rather hard to reverse.
This explains why the calls for the resignation of the President do not only precede the envisioned congressional hearing scheduled for Mr. Garciliano. It is certain that the same calls will continue thereafter.

Meantime, people continue to suffer from want and the good of the nation remains on hold. This is always the case: when the leader does not deliver, the followers get nothing. This is the basic premise that a public office is not only a public trust but also meant for public good. This is especially true in the case of the holder of the highest office vis-à-vis the nation.

6 December 2005