Wednesday, December 07, 2005


In its July pastoral statement, the CBCP did not ask the President to resign but among other things, it also said that ineffective governance can be due to lack of integrity on the part of the one governing. Disabled governance can also be on account of the eroded trust of the governed by reason of the absence of credibility on the one exercising governance.

In such a case, the CBCP said that the President should consider if the erosion of her effective governance is already so severe that it has become irreversible. If so, she has the option to resign for the sake of the country.

There is a lingering malaise in the country. So many serious accusations are laid at the feet of the President. So few suspect answers are heard. One national socio-political scandal comes after another. Yet there is no clear closure of any. Her genuine critics are becoming more while her sincere defenders appear les and less.

Meantime, the pursuit of a solution has gone to the streets. The search for truth is assumed by a citizens’ court. And the ultimate victim of all these is the common tao. Many have become hopeless. Others wish to leave the country. This is a bad omen.

The ball is in the court of the President, so to speak. It is incumbent upon her to discern if she is an asset or a liability to the country. Hers is the grave duty to judge if her governance has become and impediment for the country to move on, for the people to become hopeful again.

The option to resign is hers. It is a discretionary judgment whereby she has to see the presidential office as separable from herself and the nation as having much higher interests than her own personal ones.

7 December 2005