Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Instead of slowly picking up the pieces of a suspect legitimacy and disrespected government, Malacañang is getting itself deeper and deeper into the quagmire of unethical conduct. This is the big irony of the present administration. Instead of gaining the trust of the people, it is making them even more distrustful.

It is not enough that it gives no answers to one blatant public scandal after another. It is not even moved by the widening public discontent. There is more poverty. There are heavier taxes, bigger debts, more instability. Its response to all these do not only baffle the mind but also tempts the soul.

Reason: it is now pushing a No-El scenario. This proposal is too cozy, too sweet, too convenient for those in power. The No-El option is to perpetuate a disdained administration that has proven itself disastrous to the common welfare of the country. No election as mandated by the Constitution in these times means prolonging the joy of corrupt public officials and thereby assuring the continuous suffering of the masses.

Why is it when someone assumes power, the Constitution is invoked? Yet thereafter, the holder of power wants to change it for its own political interests? This is addiction, greed and deceit—especially when the most powerful remains suspect of cheating and lying for emerging as such.

The terms used to describe the No-El design are anything but pleasant and edifying. Shame! Bribery! Ploy! Immoral, numb, foul! And all these ultimately hit not the CONCOM but the one who put it together.

There must be something fundamentally wrong with a government that does this to the citizens who are precisely its source of big bread and heavy butter. There should be something it can do better than challenge the patience and resiliency of the people.

It is happy Christmas time. But the present coming from the Administration is sad news. This notwithstanding, the songs of the season deaden the cries of the times—for a while at least.

20 December 2005