Tuesday, December 13, 2005


When a building is continuously weakened in its foundation while becoming even heavier in weight and load, then it acquires the potential for implosion. It can fall by itself and on itself. It becomes a candidate for self-destruction.

This is exactly the precarious situation of the country. The national leadership is acting with omnipotence. Its promoters are shouting its achievements. Its beneficiaries are mouthing its grandiose vision. But all these are but one combined big show, one hot air balloon.

These are ominous signs—all pointing to a probable implosion of the country in one big file of rubble and debris—with the people thereunder. There are at least three tell tale signs of this probable national catastrophe. And they are well known but very hard to accept.

First is the continuous borrowing of money by the government in and out of the country. The national debt is becoming bigger in the course of time. Its interest payments eat up a huge portion of the national budget. Meantime, the principal amount becomes even much bigger from year to year. Even but an individual spending more than what he earns is in big trouble. A whole country that does exactly the same repeatedly and continuously is ultimately heading for a financial melt-down.

Second is the more and more taxes imposed upon the citizens. This does not only affect those paying direct income taxes for their hard earnings. Worse is the indirect taxes that spare no one—not the children, the youth, the old, not even the poor, the hungry and the sick. There are some 80 million Filipinos all paying indirect taxes—even the unborn who need nutrition and medication.

Third is the national dependence of OFW remittances to keep the country barely economically afloat the whole year round. When one of three Filipinos would want to leave the country to find work, when the government has made people its major export, this can only be an ominous sign. It has nothing left but human persons as business materials.

All these combined national liabilities can only mean one pitiful and dangerous eventuality: Philippine implosion.

13 December 2005