Thursday, December 22, 2005

good news

Christmas is not simply good news but the best news ever for humanity. People the world over always have hope for peace and prosperity, for earthly blessings and eternal life. This is why the core message of the birth of Christ is the joy of Christians.

It is good news for the country to have harmony, for the people to enjoy abundance, for the homes and the streets to have many lights. Yet all these are but the incidentals of Christmas. Its essence remains the same: Christ the Savior is born and Christians have given them salvation hereafter and beyond.

But behind this best news was the worst news that Christ had to suffer humiliations and to die on the cross. In other words, the bad news of human damnation preceded the good news of human redemption.

In the same way, when certain individuals censure media for announcing bad news, for scolding media practitioners of reporting bad news, these personalities are in fact the prophets of doom, the icons of pessimism. These distinguished public figures are sadly blind to the good news behind the bad news. This is not positivism but realism. This is neither hallucination nor delusion.

The truth is that bad news are messages to stop what is evil, to correct what is wrong, to eradicate what is vicious. The added truth is that bad news are warning signs lest the worst happens. The further truth is that after the bad news, good news are expected to come whereas the former is precisely supposed to be the casual factor of the latter.

The problem is that when the real origin of bad news refuse to listen, to see, mend their ways and put their acts together. The issue wherefore is not the messenger but the message. In the presence of bad news, the proverbial saying well applies: The maker of bad news should thank not castigate the messenger, and move to do better. Then media has no choice but to announce the good news.

Even bad news about bad people with bad deeds have a reason for bringing about good news brought about by good deeds for the good of the people.

23 December 2005