Friday, December 30, 2005


“Glory to Gold in the highest, and peace to people of goodwill.” (Lk 2:14)

Thus the angels sang their heavenly message to herald the birth of Christ. With his coming, God is glorified through the peace of humanity.

God is depreciated when there is strife among his people: when there are some individuals who cheat them, lie to them, abuse them; when there are certain persons who steal from them, who violate their rights, who oppress them; when there are infamous characters who exploit the poor, deceive the helpless, manipulate the ignorant.

God is disdained when communities are alienated among themselves, when people are not in peace for suffering injustice and deception, when the poor starve more and the sick become sicker, when there is wherefore restlessness and an urgent search for less trying days, and this is precisely our big and deep wound as a people in this one and only country we have.

There is a serious question that is begging for an answer: what have we done individually or collectively to bring peace in our communities, to our country?

In other words, when we know of a social vice, do we act to eradicate it? When we witness social sins such as graft and corruption in public offices, drug peddling and gambling, prostitution and exploitation of children, do we move to counter them? Or do we instead play blind, deaf and dumb? Are we simple good at blaming others without however lifting a finger to correct such social maladies? Personalities disunite people and bring the whole country down with their gross immorality and flagrant dishonesty—with utter disregard for human values and pursuant social principles?

Would that we individually and corporately be instruments of peace in our day to day living. This way, the angelic message of the glory of God and the peace of people of goodwill could still become a reality even but for our own lifetime. Peace builds people and country. In this context, there is still a reason for us to greet one another: “Merry Christmas!”

25 December 2005