Saturday, November 26, 2005

power addiction

There are many kinds of addiction. But all addicts are the same. They are all insatiable, irresponsible and predictable. They always want something more. They do anything to satisfy their craving. They use anybody for their gain. They are all sick.

Just like drug and gambling addictions, there is also addiction to power. For a power addict, nothing is sacred, nobody is indispensable. Only power matters. Ego and power are glued as one. Dangerous and destructive—this is a power addict. No power is enough. More power is desired.

Woe to a family, a community, a country under the mercy of a power addict. Life is not respected. Rights are violated. Individuals are made pawns for the addict to become more powerful even, to stay in power longer.

There are power addicts from barangay to national levels of government. They secure their hold on power by empowering their relatives and supporters, giving favors and making accommodations, buying loyalties and silence. Whoever, whatever, however do not matter provided they keep their power—and usually their wealth as well.

But whatever has a beginning has an end. Power addicts no matter how powerful ultimately become powerless, discarded and dead. And this happens when people have enough of them, kick them out of office, have them jailed, exiled—if not worse.

This is the standing truth about holders and lovers of power. There is always someone, something, somehow much more powerful than they are. And time always comes when the addiction comes to a stop, and the addict is gone.

Truth stands out in the long history of humanity. No matter how high addicts become with power, their destiny is only one: down! They never lasted. They never will.

In this country, it has always been power addicts who are impediments to progress and development. When will these vain and deluded individuals learn, stop and go on their on? Or would they rather be de-glued from chairs of power, degraded to their faces, shamed for the rest of their mortal lives?

26 November 2005