Saturday, November 26, 2005


Gender orientation in no way diminishes the inherent dignity of a human person. It is not what sex a person has that makes the difference but what he or she does with it. Human sexuality is an accompaniment of a person that changes his disposition but not constitution. That is why discrimination among persons has no place in civilized society. They are essentially equal.

It is said that homosexuals are not mean for the priesthood. This is however neither a degrading nor a discriminating observance. His is simple reality. It would be difficult for a homosexual to be pushed into a heterosexual milieu. Such is neither logical nor fair.

Let it be said too that heterosexual males unduly inclined to women are neither meant for the priesthood. This too is not discrimination but the admission of truth. It would be unrealistic to impose on them celibacy. Such would be asking them something extraordinary which is also unfair and unreasonable.

In the same way, just as women are not meant to become priests, men are neither intended to become sisters. This is distinction. Not discrimination. This is reality. The opposite is falsity. Men sisters just as women priests are but dissonant composites—not discriminatory realities.

Every human person must be good for something—though not for everything. While majority of the people get married, there are those who simply do not for one reason or another. They do not feel that marriage is for them. So they remain single for life. This is something connatural for them which do not make them more or less persons.

There are homosexuals who succeed and who fail in temporal matters. So are there heterosexuals who shine or fade in earthly pursuits. What makes them rise or fall is not their sexual identity. It is rather their talents as persons and their opportunities as individuals.

Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Who does not know this golden rule? Even children are taught this elementary norm of living. It is a big shame if adults themselves do not know and practice it. This is precisely the case of those who discriminate against anyone on account of gender orientation.

26 November 2005