Wednesday, November 09, 2005

happy days

Happy days are here again for the gambling lords. Jueteng already started in some parts of Luzon since October. But if the syndicated plan materializes, 15 November is the target inauguration date for gambling unlimited to come in the open once more. November, December and January are considered the most profitable months for gambling lords and their standing beneficiaries.

Now it is interfaced legalized and illegal gambling. They may be different in form but all have the same common vicious denominators: they fool and exploit the poor. They enrich the gambling financiers and their beneficiaries. They corrupt governance.

Here is the projected gambling tripod: Small Town Lottery” plus “Pick-2” plus “Jueteng”.

The “Small Town Lottery” (STL) is legalized gambling under the auspices of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes. Once a veritable charity fund raising institution of long standing, the PCSO is now sadly adulterated with downright legalized gambling with illegal forms of gambling hiding behind it.

The “Pick-2” is illegal gambling based on the winning numbers of “Lotto”. This is another legalized gambling under PCSO. It is different from “Loteng” and “Letreng”.

The “Jueteng” is illegal gambling that is played under the cover up of “STL” and with the company of “Pick-2”. The gambling lords financing and operating “Jueteng” are exactly the same people behind “STL” and “Pick-2”.

Now that Jueteng is once again on deck, it is both strange and interesting why the President would task but a mayor to eradicate it. She has the whose DILG at her call. She has the whole PNP at her command. She has all the intelligence and investigative agencies under her orders.

Yet, she called on a mayor to do away with Jueteng in the country! And the mayor had to content himself with friendly persuasion to practically beg those concerned to stop Jueteng. He even had to offer them an alternative gambling in the form of STL!

Where is the presidential will?!

+O.V. Cruz, D.D.
9 November 2005