Friday, November 25, 2005

government crisis

The present government is in crisis. This is unsaid but well felt. It is not announced but loudly heard. The government crisis is the sum total of fiscal crisis plus legitimacy crisis plus credibility crisis.

The administration has become an expert in three dubious agenda: incurring bigger debts from inside and out of the country, imposing more direct and indirect taxes upon the citizenry, making people an official export industry for dollar earnings. All these are but a blatant admission of the big rut it is in.

The social cost of all these government anti-social courses of action is intense as well as extensive. The moment babies are born, they are already in huge debt. Even basic commodities have become luxurious items. Persons are looked upon as mere chattels. This is the sad part of it all: while the government vainly attempts to reinvent itself, people have to suffer much for it.

But the worst is still to come. There are more scandalous graft and corruption being uncovered. There are therefore more serious questions left unanswered. Meanwhile, they peso is buying less and less. Millions of stomachs are empty. There is desperation in the country. The ingredients of a social unrest are all present. The explosion of a social volcano is in the horizon.

There are fewer jobs and more crimes. There is much poverty and no better future seen. Local industries are out and cheap imports come in. Good news is scarce and bad news abound. Searching for and writing about victors prove difficult. But there is no need to look for losers as they are all over the land.

These are the best of times for the upright to move, for the just to act. There is much room in the country for leaders with principles and integrity. People are looking hard for persons who tell the truth, who live moral lives. They are craving for living of examples of selfless service and altruistic interests.

These are the worst of times for those who stopped working for the better and hoping for the best. These are hard days for the weak-hearted, for those who harbor a defeatist attitude. Let them remember: the worst has already visited the Philippines before. The Filipinos, however, are great survivors.

25 November 2005