Friday, November 25, 2005

garci enigma

His questionable conversations were taped. His whereabouts were unknown. He was in the country. He was enjoined to testify. He could not be found. He had warrant of arrest. He left the country—without departure record. He was the subject of many speculations. He was in hiding. He went into a self-exile. He was done in. Now he is back—without arrival record as well.

A phenomenon. A mystery. An enigma—this is Mr. Garcillano in recent Philippine history. He gave the country a big socio-political headache. He posed serious questions on the legitimacy of the present administration. He made people comment and lament. Cry and laugh about the 2004 national elections.

With his reappearance after many political development in the country plus certain re-arrangement of partisan political structures in congress, Mr. Garcillano has once again become the focus of national attention. He poses so many questions. Provides so many speculations.

Now, it's back to wondering time. Will Mr. Garcillano tell all or but some? What will he say and not say? Will he save the administration and damn the opposition--or vice versa? Will he make any difference at all to the common tao? One thing is certain: To those who have already made their conclusion about the farce of the last national elections, the "resurrection" of Mr. Garcillano does not in anyway matter. He might even make them more adamant about their conviction in the event that he answer wrongly the right questions.

Nr. Garcillano is but a part of the picture. Another part is juetengate II. Both have their convergence in the 2004 elections. But separate issues they remain. The other parts of the whole picture of blatant graft and corruption are still emerging--one by one and painfully so.

Can there really be a closure on the "Garci" tapes? Will the "I am sorry" TV clip matter at all? Is the Nation in the mood to start all over again--once more listening, watching, and judging about what took place on the occasion of the 2004 National Elections? For its diversion, yes. Not Anything more!

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
25 November 2005