Wednesday, November 02, 2005

gambling galore

There must be something fundamentally wrong about gambling. Gambling Corporations invent all conceivable arguments to deodorize the moral stink of their ventures. Gambling operators use euphemisms to adulterate the social liability of their activities.

No wonder that gamblers themselves want to remain incognito. And gambling houses are committed to keep their identities secret. In fact, public officials are enjoined to shun gambling houses due to the latter’s serious negative implications.

That is why the reality of gambling is covered up by calling it “gaming”. Gambling can be anything but a game. To call gambling a game is to desecrate the significance of sports, to append a curse upon wholesome challenges and friendly competitions.

To date, there is not only the “Philippine Gaming Corporation” (PAGCOR) operating under the Office of the President. It operates casinos here and there. Its gambling tentacles have reached out to many places in the country, to produce and entice more gamblers, to destroy more fortunes and families.

Now there is also the “International Thunderbird Gaming Corporation" said to be licensed by the PAGCOR. It runs a casino in Angono, Rizal. It is scheduled to run another casino in Poro Point, La Union. What other casinos it will be allowed to operate is anybody’s guess.

We have a government that is not only questioned in its legitimacy. It is also a big suspect in housing structural graft and corruption. There are even reasons to say that it is not only financially but likewise morally bankrupt.

It is a government that appears to have acquired a threefold ignoble expertise: incurring bigger debts. Imposing more taxes. Having additional casinos.

“Legalized” gambling remains gambling with all its said illegal accompaniments as usury as in 20% daily interest, threats against the limbs and lives of non-paying debtors.

O.V. Cruz, D.D.
3 November 2005