Saturday, October 01, 2005

troublesome truth

In the country today truth has become troublesome for those telling lies, and costly for those telling it. To keep the lies and deceit well guarded secrets at all costs is imperative for those engaged in falsification and deception. Wherefore to tell the truth on the part of those who know it has become dangerous and even life-threatening.

This is exactly the problem of the present administration: how to cover up its suspect acta and dubious agenda. Who are those who should be frightened and made to shut up? What coercive executive orders to issue to that effect? Who are those who know the truth and must therefore be gagged?

Costly Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. Debts accumulation unlimited. Huge jueteng payolas. Election expenses galore. FIATCO Fiasco. Pending E-Vat. Disturbing Garcie Tapes. Serious Vanable Contract. Projected take-over of private industries. Strange Railway Project. Issuance of E.O. 464. Contemplated Court Martial of two fine Marine officers. Padlocking of the little office of a public authority.

Such are but some of the issues that forward big question marks about the moral principles of the present administration. They are some of the socio-political factors that provide materials for public worry and mass protests. In effect, they even fuel a worrisome military take-over.

One thing is certain: the source of the problem is the sure solution thereto. What the cause of the problem does or does not do to bring it to an end, is its final call. Otherwise, there will be eventually others who will solve the problem themselves—well or badly. But the problem may not remain unsolved for the good of all, even at the expense of a few. After all, no one is indispensable for the country to move on, for the world to live.

These are good times for those rather few in authority and power. These are bad times for those many who experience oppression, suffer want, remain in limbo. On the other hand, these are bad times for those who live on lies and thrive in deceit. These are good times for those who have the truth and live to tell it. It is during these times that villains and heroes come to be known.

1 October 2005