Thursday, October 27, 2005


Why must the poor be the continuous victims of exploitation? Why should the helpless be the constant targets of oppression? Why do farmers have to die for the land that is meant to be theirs? What is happening to our country? What is the government doing?

Something must be fundamentally wrong with the justice system in this country. Those who have less in life are precisely the ones who also have less in law. Time and again, simple and defenseless people are killed. And these downright murders infallibly end up with but avowed ceremonial investigations. There are killings but no killers. Murders there are but murderers none.

It is not enough for some people to live by the sweat and toil of the needy and weak. These are still made to give up their own lives. But the truth remains that those who pay goons with guns for hire are no less guilty than those who pull the trigger and kill. Thus, those they kill are way up above them in real worth and dignity.

One thing is certain: the blood of the poor is the seed of revolution. This is history. Ricardo Ramos spilled his blood. But this only foments bigger dissent from those who subscribe to his cause. He died. But this simply assures the continuation of the farmers’ struggle for their rights.

The government is fond of waving its power and might. It claims it has the full support of all the armed forces, police authorities and intelligence agencies. Yet, in all probability the murder of Ricardo Ramos and many others before and after him, will become ultimately unsolved or dubiously resolved.

The country is not only a topnotcher in the violation of human rights. It is also fast taking the lead in the extinction of human lives.

It is not enough that the number of poor are becoming more by the day. It has even become as a matter of course that the poor become the subjects of despair as they are made objects of disdain. Yet the solid truth remain that the life of the wealthy and the needy, the elite and the peasant, the land owners and the land tillers, is exactly the same in nature and significance.

27 October 2005