Thursday, September 01, 2005


“I need Genuino. He takes care of the Media and the Bishops.” If the President realy said this, then there are sad conclusions that can be drawn therefrom.

Woe to her for using PAGCOR to advance her political interests. Pity for the PAGCOR Chairman for allowing himself to be used for devious agenda. Bad news for the media persons who sold away their noble profession. Sorrow for the bishops who soiled their good names although for worthy causes.

The President should have learned long since that PAGCOR, which is her right hand in legal gambling in the country, cannot be and will never be above suspicion. It proclaims its huge regular incomes. It publicizes its alleged good deeds. But silent it remains about the gambling addicts it breeds. Numb it behaves towards the families it destroys.

Legal gambling is even worse than illegal numbers games. Legalized gambling is nothing else than legalized vice, official avarice, formal covetousness. It is futile to sanctify its nature, to purify its intentions, to cleanse its image.

Gambling operators and gamblers are not exactly examples of virtues, symbols of integrity and industry in the country. They might not be aware of the adverse value system they promote. They might not even be cognizant of the dangers their persons and fortunes are subjected to. These however do not change the reality of the anti-social culture they cultivate.

That is why in a s statement on gambling dated 23 January this year, the CBCP denounced gambling in all forms and renounced the receipt of funds from either legal or illegal gambling for whatever noble purposes.

The reason is simple: the end does not justify the means. Dirty money from gambling is not laundered clean by its mere application for religious and/or charitable purposes.

All worthy projects can be built, all laudable ventures can be undertaken without funding from gambling. There are millions of good and willing people ready to finance social works or to fund Church mission.

1 September 2005