Sunday, September 18, 2005

jueteng status report

The Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng is very pleased to confirm that jueteng is by and large banished from the country. The so-called “guerilla” or “kangaroo” jueteng in certain places can be readily dismissed by the police authorities concerned. These can do exactly the same regarding the still on-going illegal numbers games such as masiao, loteng and bookies in particular.

There are however no less than three main concern that the Crusade Against Jueteng has to forward to the pertinent government officials. It is hoped that they will attend thereto merely as a matter of duty.

First is the matter of maintaining the stoppage of jueteng. There were times before when jueteng was likewise made to cease only to be thereafter not only allowed but even promoted to operate again with a vengeance. This means that at will jueteng can be stopped, and at will too it can be made to resurrect.

Second is the issue of stopping one numbers game only to be substituted with other numbers games such as EZ2 and STL under the mantel of legality. Yet, they are all gambling, all exploiting the poor, all enriching their operators. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the President said before that there were enough gambling in the country and there was no reason to even increase their number.

Third is the big question about the well known jueteng lords in the country. They are still living in peace and with ease. They still remain unaccountable, uncensurable, untouchable. Would that the burial of jueteng would also mean the internment of the crime against the poor perpetrated by the infamous jueteng lords.

But over and above all the said concerns is the highly germane matter of the jueteng payola beneficiaries. Some of them have been identified and named. Some of them were exposed as to the regular and occasional payolas received, why and when were they used. In effect, this precisely brought about the vulgar issue of “juetengate II”.

It would be very hard to concede that as jueteng has practically disappeared, the matter of the intimate connection between jueteng payola and 2004 national elections would also be placed but in the bin of sad memories.

25 September 2005