Friday, September 09, 2005

impeachment woes

It did not make a closure. It provided for an opening. It gave no solution. It created a problem. It did not heal the nation. It made it hurt more. It did not unite people but instead divided them more. This is the case of the impeachment that never was.

The minority had the intention. The majority had the number. The minority submitted the complaints. The majority receive the orders. This is the matter of an impeachment that was not meant to be, after all. And all impeachment complains hereafter will suffer the same fate if they are considered but subject of political gymnastics, if the rule of the majority become closed to the role of prudence and the norm of good sense.

Serious accusations were made. No response was given. So the accused remains suspect. Thus, the accusations are now appended to her person whether she stays in the country or goes abroad, whether she claims innocence or says sorry again and again.

Meantime, the whole year ahead becomes a time for more dissent, big rallies, long marches. Expect more shouts of insult, placards of shame, manifestations of indignation.

Meanwhile, the President loses more credibility and suffers for more ineffective leadership. The economy is bad and still becoming worse. Reconciliation becomes but an empty dream, a bad word.

In the last analysis, with but partisan politics junking all the impeachment complaints, everybody lost. The President lost for not having been given the chance to answer the charges. All the political parties lost for not having served the nation well. The people lost for being left in strong tension and deep disunity.

Now, the national peace that people of goodwill want becomes illusive. The economic prosperity that especially the poor long for is held in abeyance.

So it is that now, the center is unhappy. The right is uncertain. The left is grumbling. Everybody lost with the loss of the impeachment process.

9 August 2005