Thursday, September 29, 2005

garcie tapes

The Garcie Tapes do not only constitute a serious political problem. They also forward a big moral issue. In fact, the legitimacy or otherwise of the holder of the Presidential Office also has grave socio-economic implications for the whole country—and outside thereof.

This is the more so when the actual occupant of the office is becoming less credible in her pronouncements and more suspicious in her actuations. This is primarily why she is finding it harder to govern. This is basically the reason why she gives more oppressive orders. And this is precisely why there are also more dissent and resentment among an increasing number of people.

All the proper public institutions and government agencies appear to be closed to the direct investigation on the contents and implications of the Garcie Tapes. No wonder that the Senate has assumed the inquiry to know their significance and consequences—even if only in aid of legislation.

While the Senate inquiry could nave political dimension, the search for truth knows no political parties. Truth is above partisan politics. And the search for truth is imperative. It is the obligation of holders of public office to seek the truth. It is the right of the public to know it.

The Senate inquiry becomes even more necessary when the key figure in the tapes could not be found—for reasons known only to the administration. He could not be found when he was in the country. He could neither be found when alleged to be freely and merrily flying from one country to another.

If the Commissioner could not be found so he could speak for himself, would that the Philippine Senate ultimately find the truth behind the long since disturbing tapes. It is definitely unfair to the national psyche if people would be allowed to simply guess the veracity or falsity of the tapes.

Would that in aid of legislation, the Senators finally see the imperative of having the key members of the Commission on elections be approved by the Commission on Appointments. If thereto subjected, the suspect Commissioner could not have assumed the office.

29 September 2005