Monday, August 01, 2005

i am sorry

The national crusade against jueteng is squarely premised on moral grounds--such as the following, for instance: The millions of people jueteng deceives. The few individuals it enriches. The many persons it corrupts. The thwarted values it promotes. The mentality of gambling it forms. The dependence on luck it propagates. The vice of indolence it generates.

Vice is a moral reality. Avarice is a moral question. Deceit is a moral concern. Corruption is a moral problem. This is what jueteng is and what jueteng does. This is what makes jueteng one big moral issue.

Since its foundation in 2001, the Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng has been working to free the country from the gross immorality of jueteng. The crusade has absolutely neither any ideological finality nor any political interest. If only the national leadership would stop jueteng and other illegal numbers games today and permanently, the crusade would readily fold up today too and dissolve its advocacy permanently as well.

But as long as the many jueteng lords remain untouchable, as long as there are jueteng, masiao and other illegal numbers games, as long as the executive department continues to see and hear nothing, to say and do nothing to free the poor from the covetousness tentacles of juetengeros, the crusade stays.

I am sorry: if the administration, its promoters and defenders see and claim that the advocacy against jueteng is politically motivated. It is clear that jueteng has its many and serious socio-political implications. This is what jueteng is. This is what jueteng does. But the crusade categorically has a moral cause.

I am sorry: If those in positions of power, authority and influence consider and allege that the anti-jueteng crusaders are destabilizers, are anti-government. This is their problem. The crusade is simply anti-jueteng.

I am sorry: if the national anti-jueteng crusade is perceived as anti-GMA. It is not. It is against illegal numbers games under any guise. It is pro-integrity, pro-decency, pro-honesty, pro-morality--whoever the president is.

For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not want to understand, no explanation is possible.

+O.V. Cruz, D.D.
01 August 2005