Friday, August 05, 2005

gambling in the republic

There is no end to the list of serious adversities sadly affecting the country such as government crisis, political crisis, fiscal crisis—all caused by moral crisis.

There is a long list of big grievances people have such as lack of employment, high prices, low income—all occasioned by poor governance.

There is so much dissent and resentment, distrust and recrimination, so many anti-movements, rallies and marches—all instanced by suspect national leadership.

But there is one thing that is sound and stable, alive and admirable, promising and profitable: gambling in the republic!

There is PAGCOR that caters to the rich and famous, the powerful and the influential. It has all the facilities to attract gamblers, to create gambling addicts, to provide bottomless “intelligence” fund.

There is jueteng that fools the poor and helpless, that exploits them for the benefit of the jueteng lords, jueteng protectors and beneficiaries. Meantime, the poor become more destitute and needy.

There are also the tolerated and promoted other illegal numbers games such as masiao, lotteng, bookie—all designed to impoverish the innocent and to enrich the corrupt.

It would be hard for the Filipinos to be a proud race when there is gambling from above and below, gambling for all ages, gambling all over the land. Many have no work. Many have no hope. So, they are provided with many forms of gambling. So, they gamble their life and future away.

The Republic is strong in corruption, in women exploitation, in gambling. The Republic is weak in morals, in good governance, in trusted leadership. No wonder that many citizens are restless, are protesting.

5 August 2005